Verne Global

Supernatural power. 100% renewable-powered data centre campus in Iceland.
/ Verne Global, Iceland

Unfathomable power. Unlimited potential.

Verne Global is an operational data centre platform which offers flexible, scalable, and highly optimised data centre infrastructures, uniquely located all within the same campus in Iceland.

Verne Global’s primary asset is a 40 acre former NATO site. Powered by predictably-priced 100% renewable energy that’s drawn from one of the world’s most affordable and stable grids.

D9 recently undertook a follow-on $93m investment in Verne Global to fund the expansion of capacity by a further 20.7MW, building Verne Global’s capacity to 40MW out of a possible 100MW on this campus.

Verne Global’s access to global customers is enhanced further by D9’s existing regional and international network developments through Aqua Comms.

Low Cost

Delivering energy-intensive High Performance Computing (HPC) cost effectively in continental Europe is challenging due to power supply constraints and high prices.

Access to ultra low cost, virtually unlimited green power, combined with the natural free cooling provided by Iceland’s northern climate enable Verne Global to provide HPC services at a market leading cost.


Power cost savings compared to major European markets


Visibility on ultra low-cost power


Backed by the planet.

Iceland’s climate provides a geographical advantage in sustainability by providing Verne Global with access to 100% renewable power from geothermal and hydroelectric sources.

Free air cooling removes the need for chillers, which can account for 40% of a data centre’s operating costs. Access to abundant, renewable power generation gives Verne Global a PUE of 1.2 making it one of the most energy efficient data centres in Europe.


PUE, well below the European average of 1.45


Renewable power generation


There is considerable headroom for further expansion at Verne Global’s 40-acre campus. Expansion includes completion of a new 8.2MW data hall and a further 12.5MW of repurposed capacity to meet enterprise customer demand.

Verne Global’s boasts significant network access, as a primary interconnect hub for Iceland and is strategically located close to two subsea cable landing stations.


Capacity in operation or under development


Campus on former NATO base
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