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Verne Global London (previously Volta Data Centres)

Providing 6MW of critical interconnectivity and low-latency solutions in Central London, and on-ramp into D9’s Nordic data centres.
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Verne Global London (previously Volta Data Centres) operates a premier data centre facility located in central London. It provides co-location services and state-of-the-art certified and accredited data services to a diversified customer base of enterprises ranging from the finance, media, tech, telecom and energy sectors.

Its carrier-neutral facility has over 40 networks available, making it one of the most connected central London data centres (first among independents), offering ultra-low latency and high-performance connectivity. It is connected to London’s upgraded 33 kV network, supplied via two independent grid substations providing resiliency and 100% uptime since inception.

Verne Global London has a PUE of 1.5, making it one of the most energy efficient data centres in London. It is also committed to achieving carbon neutrality, with energy sourced from renewable sources.

D9’s acquisition of Verne Global London delivers on its metro edge data strategy, identifying facilities located in or near urban centres offering robust connectivity to customers requiring low latency solutions.

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