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Aqua Comms Announces the Launch of CeltixConnect-2 and North Sea Connect

31 March 2022
Submarine Telecoms Forum

Aqua Comms, acquired by Triple Point’s Digital 9 Infrastructure (D9) in April 2021, has announced the launch of CeltixConnect-2 (CC-2) and North Sea Connect (NSC) as part of its ownership of the Havhingsten cable system.

CC-2 brings resilient, high fibre count, capacity connectivity between the key hubs of Ireland and the UK for the Carrier, Cloud and Content markets. NSC offers a new route connecting the UK and the Nordics.

CCO of Aqua Comms, Chris Bayly, commented, “This demonstrates our continued investment in delivering services to underserved markets and I’m excited to see this continue with the rollout of AEC-3 and EMIC-1”.

Read the announcement.