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Our team has one core ambition; to empower societies and unleash economies by connecting investors to cutting edge opportunities that deliver stable capital growth.

The Manager

The Investment Manager is Triple Point Investment Manager LLP (“Triple Point”). Triple Point is the place where people, purpose and profit meet.

Since 2004, Triple Point has been unlocking investment opportunities which make a difference across five distinct investment strategies: Social Housing, Energy, Digital Infrastructure, Private Credit and Venture. Each strategy helps to solve a problem society faces, and each one creates opportunities.

Triple Point manages over £3 billion of private, institutional, and public capital and benefits from a diverse team of over 200 employees, with a rich mix of skills. Working together to make a difference.

The Digital Infrastructure Team

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Diego Massidda
Head of Digital Infrastructure
Diego has over 20 years' operating experience in global telecommunications and digital infrastructure. Diego oversees the delivery of D9 and Investee Companies’ strategic objectives and value creation, across both portfolio optimization as well as origination of investment opportunities.
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Arnaud Jaguin
Managing Director
Arnaud has over 15 years’ experience in telecoms and digital infrastructure, with a strong focus on fibre and wireless networks. He leads the team on investment analysis, portfolio management and strategy, and engages actively with investors. Arnaud sits on the Boards of Aqua Comms, Elio Networks and Arqiva.
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Amber Reid
Investment Manager
Amber joined Triple Point in August 2021 as an Investment Associate in the Digital 9 Infrastructure team. During her time at D9, Amber has worked on the acquisition of Verne Global (£231m) and Elio Networks (£51m) and leads on the portfolio management of both entities. Amber is also a Board Observer for Elio Networks.
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Colin Wallace
Investment Manager
Colin joined Triple Point in October 2021 as an Investment Associate. In his role at D9, Colin has worked on the acquisitions of Ficolo (£114m) and works on portfolio management for Aqua Comms. He has focussed on evaluating new investment opportunities across all four digital infrastructure subsectors.
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Robbie Chinn
Investment Associate
Robbie joined Triple Point in September 2022 as an Investment Analyst in the Digital 9 Infrastructure Team. Robbie has focussed primarily on evaluating terrestrial fibre and fixed wireless pipeline opportunities and has recently taken over coverage of D9’s latest portfolio acquisition, Arqiva. 
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Yeshuai He
Investment Associate
Yeshuai joined Triple Point in April 2023 as an investment analyst in the Digital 9 Infrastructure team. Yeshuai is focused on evaluating pipeline opportunities, in particular fixed wireless and data centre opportunities. Yeshuai is also supporting the team on the fund's bi-annual valuation process and ongoing portfolio management.
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Chris Flowers
Fund Finance Director
Chris is a Finance Director and is an experienced FCCA-qualified accountant and finance professional with experience covering Digital Infrastructure, Energy, Venture Capital & Real Estate. In addition to his 8 years with Triple Point, Chris has spent time with Downing LLP and Watson Property Management and holds the IMC.
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Khairul Aziz
Fund Accountant
Khairul is the Fund Accountant for D9. He previously worked in Social Housing (REIT) and Leasing and Lending teams, coming from audit background where he has over 20 years’ experience in audit, accountancy and corporate taxation. Khairul holds a BA (Hons) Accounting and also a fellow of ACCA.
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Elena Hobbs
Management Accountant
Elena joined Triple Point in September 2023, newly ACA part-qualified, as a Management Accountant in Fund Finance. With a background in Capital Market Settlements, she brings a unique mix of accounting experience to the role, providing complimentary insights to support our social impact mission.
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Lindsay Smart
Head of Sustainability
Lindsay has over 15 years of finance industry experience alongside formal training in sustainable business practice. She has previously led the development of an award-winning sustainability and impact assessment tool, in addition to advising companies and investors on their approach to sustainability integration.
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Seif Borin
Legal Counsel
Seif joined Triple Point in 2021 and is a Legal Counsel for D9. Seif was an associate at an international law firm and advised financial institutions, banks and sponsors on their project financing arrangements in the energy and infrastructure sectors, and spent a year in Paris working on a variety of project finance transactions.
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Anna Weingarten
Personal Assistant