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How can I protect my pension pot from rising inflation?

19 July 2021
Rachel Mortimer
The Telegraph

The Telegraph provides advice for those seeking sustainable options to ensure their loved ones remain safe and financially secure through retirement and beyond. With the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) reportedly rising by 2.5% in the 12 months to June 2021, it is no surprise that savers are assessing their options.

“Mr Leedham should also consider infrastructure trusts, as they often have inflation-linked income. Digital 9 infrastructure catches my eye. It offers a long-term, contracted, inflation-linked income of more than 5pc from a basket of critical global infrastructure…” Writes Greg Sellers, Senior investment manager at Hawksmoor Investment Management.

Investing in our digital infrastructure is crucial to driving our interconnected world, underpinning economic growth and sustainable development. It also represents an opportunity for investors to target sustainable long-term income.

Digital 9 Infrastructure plc (the “Company” or “DGI9″) invests in a range of digital infrastructure assets which deliver a reliable, functioning internet. The Company focuses, primarily, on digital infrastructure investments which are operational and with an existing customer base.

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Potential investors should refer to the information within the Prospectus which is available via the Documents section of the website and must only subscribe for or purchase shares in Digital 9 Infrastructure plc on the basis of information contained within it. As with all investments investors capital is at risk. Target returns may not be achieved and investors may not get back their full investment. Any references to past performance and expectations for the digital infrastructure market should not be taken as a reliable guide to future performance.