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Investment trusts rediscover their roots with a 21st century twist

16 November 2021
Financial Times

During a record year for investment trust fundraising – with £12bn raised so far in 2021 – the Financial Times explores how investment trusts are funding a “new wave of innovation in a period of rapid technological change”. Explore how listed fund vehicles are financing innovation in clean fuels, space, and digital infrastructure and why investors are so interested.

Triple Point’s Digital 9 Infrastructure plc (D9) is among 11 investment trusts that launched this year. Named after Goal 9 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, D9 aims to improve connectivity globally and reduce the digital divide in an environmentally sustainable manner by investing in a portfolio of critical digital infrastructure assets in subsea and terrestrial fibre, wireless networks and data centres. Since IPO in March 2021, the Company has raised £750m and owns two digital infrastructure platforms, with 30,000 km of fibreoptic network and 25MW of data centre capacity:

– Aqua Comms, the leading carrier-neutral transatlantic owner and operator of subsea fibreoptic cables – the backbone of the internet. Find out more.
– Verne Global, the leading Icelandic data centre platform and one of Europe’s most efficient, with a PUE of 1.18 – 100% powered by renewable electricity. Find out more.