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Towercos signal the prospect of healthy returns

14 April 2021
David Stevenson
The Financial Times

An illuminating article in the Financial Times on the emergence of digital infrastructure investment opportunities – “a sector with accelerating demand.”

“Arguably the simplest and most elegant way into this niche is via one of two listed digital infrastructure funds which floated in the past few months on the London market.”

One of these funds is Digital 9 Infrastructure plc (“D9″ or “DGI9”). D9 will invest in a range of digital infrastructure assets which deliver a reliable, functioning internet. The Company will focus, primarily, on digital infrastructure investments which are operational and with an existing customer base. D9 has already acquired Aqua Comms, which operate a platform owning some 14,300km of modern, operational trans-Atlantic subsea fibre, representing the very “backbone” of the internet.

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