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Thor Johnsen discusses Triple Point’s Digital 9 Infrastructure plc | Doceo

3 February 2022
Ellie Kehoe
Marketing Manager

Watch Thor Johnsen’s presentation on Triple Point’s Digital 9 Infrastructure plc (“D9” or “The Company”), available now on the Doceo Group platform.

The number 9 in Digital 9 Infrastructure comes from the UN Sustainable Development Goal number 9, which focuses the fund on investments that decarbonise digital infrastructure and bridge the digital divide by increasing connectivity globally. With its IPO in March 2021, to date, D9 has raised total equity of £845 million, and invested into two platforms: Verne Global, a 100% renewable energy powered data centre platform in Iceland, and Aqua Comms, a subsea fibre platform with 20,000km of fibre. Both platforms have made follow on investments.

Potential investors should refer to the information within the Prospectus which is available via the Documents section of the website and must only subscribe for or purchase shares in Digital 9 Infrastructure plc on the basis of information contained within it. As with all investments investors capital is at risk.