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D9 announces £15m acquisition of a data centre and landing station

9 December 2021
Triple Point

Triple Point’s Digital 9 Infrastructure plc (“D9” or the “Company”) is delighted to announce it has completed the acquisition of a data centre asset and subsea fibre landing station, SeaEdge UK1, on the UK’s largest data centre campus in Newcastle for a purchase price of £15m.

The asset forms part of D9’s pipeline identified at IPO. SeaEdge UK1 is the UK’s only landing point for the North Sea Connect cable, part of the advanced North Atlantic fibre optic cable network, which hosts the AEC-1 and AEC-2 subsea fibre cables, both owned and operated by D9’s cornerstone subsea fibre platform, Aqua Comms.

Thor Johnsen, Head of Digital Infrastructure at Triple Point, commented: “Data centres form a key part of the digital infrastructure backbone. We are pleased to support the Stellium operations through our ownership of the SeaEdge UK1 asset. Stellium offers customers robust transatlantic and intra-Europe connectivity, as well as access to the Newcastle Internet Exchange (NCL-IX). This level of connectivity is key in delivering on D9’s strategic ambition and bridging the connectivity divide. We are thrilled to add SeaEdge UK1 to the growing D9 portfolio and look forward to updating investors on further opportunities in due course.”

The 9 in Digital 9 Infrastructure comes from the UN Sustainable Development Goal 9, which aims to reduce the digital divide by improving connectivity globally, in an environmentally sustainable manner. In addition to the SeaEdge UK1 acquisition and its related expansion opportunities, the Company has identified a further £1 billion pipeline of investment opportunities over the next 6 months.
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