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D9 announces $93 million follow-on investment into Verne Global data centre platform

10 January 2022
Triple Point

In September 2021, Triple Point’s Digital 9 Infrastructure plc (“D9” or the “Company”) announced that it had completed the acquisition of Verne Global, a 100% renewable energy powered data centre platform in Iceland, operating on a former NATO site near Keflavik. The Company is delighted to announce that it has agreed to invest a further $93 million in Verne Global over the next 12 months to fund the expansion of capacity by a further 20.7 MW.

Commenting on the Verne Global investment, Thor Johnsen, Head of Digital Infrastructure at Triple Point, said: “Verne Global’s data centre assets represent some of the cleanest, lowest carbon footprint data centres, globally. This follow-on investment to fund the expansion of the Verne facility, driven by capacity demand from both new and existing customers, will enable these customers to shift further toward their decarbonisation goals while addressing their growing digital needs. The investment also demonstrates our ongoing ability to deliver attractive and accretive contracted cash flow through our investment platform, a leading Nordic data centre business.”

Find out more about the follow-on investment.

Verne Global is the partner of choice for leading global HPC players, supercomputing and enterprise customers which are seeking industry leading reliability and security, low cost and exceptional low carbon credentials. Find out more about Verne Global.

The number 9 in Digital 9 Infrastructure comes from the UN Sustainable Development Goal number 9, which focuses the fund on investments that decarbonise digital infrastructure and bridge the digital divide by increasing connectivity globally.